First Announcement

First Official Announcement of the Conference is published. [18.04.2012]


Second Announcement

Registration form is available online and participants can submit abstracts. [10.05.2012]


Abstracts submission deadline

Abstracts submission deadline is reached. [10.06.2012]


Abstract acceptance notification

All registered participants are notified about the acceptance of abstracts. [12.06.2012]


Full paper submission deadline

Extended deadline for submitting the full papers is reached. [20.07.2012]


Full paper acceptance notification

Paper reviewing is finished and partipants are notified about the acceptance of papers. [31.08.2012]


Payment deadline

Deadline for conference fees payment. [07.09.2012]


Conference first day

First day of the conference. [04.10.2012]


Conference end

Last day of the conference. [06.10.2012]

Section 1 - Agriculture

  • Soil sciences
  • Crop sciences
  • Ecological agriculture
  • Agricultural engineering and renewable energy sources
  • Agro-forestry and climate changes
  • Applied biology in agricultural sciences
  • Miscellaneous

Section 2 - Horticulture

  • Sustainable products and technologies in horticulture
  • Horticultural biodiversity and genetic resources
  • Plant production systems
  • Ornamental plants, design and landscape architecture
  • Miscellaneous

Section 3 - Animal Science   

  • Genetics and breeding
  • Nutrition
  • Reproduction, physiology, anatomy
  • Technologies of animal husbandry
  • Technologies of the agro food products processing
  • Wild life management, fishery and aquaculture
  • Miscellaneous

Section 4 - Veterinary Medicine

  • ICT in long life learning
  • Workshops organized by the professional Network Of Veterinary ICt in Education (NOVICE)

Section 5 - Land reclamation, Earth observation & surveying, environmental engineering 

  • Environmental science and engineering
  • Sustainable development of rural area
  • Disaster management
  • Water resources management
  • Pollution control, land planning
  • Topography and cadastre
  • Earth observation and geographic information systems
  • Miscellaneous

Section 6 - Biotechnology

  • Agricultural biotechnology
  • Biotechnology in veterinary medicine
  • Food biotechnology
  • Industrial and environmental biotechnology
  • Food safety
  • Miscellaneous

Section 7 - Management and Engineering in Rural Areas

  • Production economics
  • Farm management and agromarketing
  • Agricultural policies
  • AgriBusiness and agricultural extension
  • Agritourism and rural development
  • Environmental economics
  • Miscellaneous

The official language of the conference is English.


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